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What about Amatyakaraka then? What about the second karaka then? It is Amatyakaraka which means a courtier or an important man in the court of a king in the days of monarchy. So in our days it should mean an important man and by extension your own importance. Is it a hint about career I wondered and proceeded with this assumption with my research and got amazing results as I will show. What about a karaka for father?

A Manual of Jaimini Astrology

The problem is easily solved if you use Bhatrikaraka and Sun for father and Bhatrikaraka and Mars for siblings as has been as shown in some books on Jaimini. Here we must remember that sthirakarakas must always be considered in Jaimini astrology. I then combined sthirakakas like Sun for father, Moon for mother etc. Padas For padas I decided not to use any exception and got excellent results which I will show partially in this article or a later article. Second step Whatever the translators say must never be accepted blindly.

Remember that most of the translators are Sanskrit scholars but not distinguished astrologers or successful predictors.

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The translation they gave never gave any accurate results. He has solved the problem amazingly now. He and his students have been giving brilliant readings based on Chakra dasha. Soon they are going to come out with an amazing book.

Through experience you will know when and how to ignore these translators or even commentators though there is none really who can be called a commentator of these books and then getting enmeshed in a confusion, seek a way out of it with lot of struggle if you persist with your research. Third step Test whatever has been understood on the well known events of your own life on your chart and on those of your family members or friends whose life events are known to you with correct events and correct dates. My Finding The results I got were amazing and brilliant and it is the experience of my students also.

Fourth step Now try it on the well known horoscopes of famous people and test the validity of your understanding on the horoscopes of yours and of your relation and friends which you have done earlier. My Finding It is what I am going to show in this article. My Finding Reject totally what is not given either in Jaimini sutras or in the Jaimini portion in Parashara text otherwise you will walk into a cave where you will suffer astrological suffocation.

Sixth step Wherever your testing necessitates it, modify with reasons the translation of Jaimini texts remembering that most of these translators were and are only Sanskrit scholars and not sucessful predictors because of which they may have misinterpreted or even wrongly translated some shlokas and sutras.

My Finding It is a risk you take but not rashly or with fraudulent claim that you have learnt it from some secret tradition which can be dubious and fraudulent. Claiming to be belonging to a secret tradition is marketing. You must prove it and replicate it over a period of many years as I have done before publishing my research. Seventh step Without losing respect for Krishna Mishra or Neelakantha, the famous commentators on Jaimini sutras, keep in mind that their own understanding or interpretation may be incomplete or even wrong. My Finding I will refer to it later and not in this article.

After laying the seven step approach let me explain how I proceeded in interpreting Jaimini astrology within my own limitations. But I had to use Chara dasha and many other dashas of Jaimini out of sheer necessity and demand. The reasons are:. During my service career I was posted in Shillong when I met many Bengalis who had lost their birth horoscopes when they were fleeing from what then was East Pakistan.

Then I had two postings in Calcutta to and again from to when again I met many Bengalis who had lost their birth horoscopes when they were fleeing from what then was East Pakistan. From till my retirement in , I met many Punjabis and Haryanvis and Delhites who were either refugees who had lost their horoscopes while fleeing from West Pakistan at the time of the partition of India in or had Arya Samaj background and never got their horoscopes prepared. I also found that being a government officer with ten to five office hours, I was always short of time and I needed accurate Vimshottari dasha after correcting the birth time which is wrong in ninety percent times.

I solved my problem by heavily relying on Chara dasha and Karakas and double checked it with Vimshottari dasha without using vargas in most cases and gave good predictions though some went wrong awfully also. In those cases where I had accurate horoscopes, I used both dashas and even some conditional dashas on which I did lot of research but have left it to my colleagues in the Astrology Faculty of the Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan.

In these cases I invariably used divisional charts most of which, leaving some I have revealed in my books. Keeping this background in the mind follow my discussion of the horoscopes under ECMCD or education, career, marriage, children and death. Follow my line of reasoning by preparing charts in which all birth horososcopes are: 1 Marked with karakas. DKN and note the dual use I make of it for marriage and also death. Computing the Chara dasha periods In calculating the periods I neither add one extra year for exalted planet nor deduct one extra for debilitated period for the following reasons: 1 Since there are only twelve rashis, so the maximum dasha period can be of twelve years only.

If Mercury is at two degrees in Kanya,by adding one year to full twelve year period it will become thirteen. Additionally, Dhanu periods are known for rise and fall, sudden events and even tragedies. If in a horoscope there is a zero year for it, some important events cannot be seen at all is my experience. I and my students have followed this method and have given many successful predictions with timing becoming accurate.

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The illustrative horoscopes being used here are of those famous persons who life events are historically documented and the horoscopes used have correct lagnas though the degrees of the lagna may be debatable. But in using Chara dasha that is not a handicap. I will explain it. If all karakas are used in navamsha it is called Swamsha. It is the tradition followed in many parts of northern India and gives excellent results. See a sutra for example:. Shukrendo Shukradrishe rasavadi p 49, meaning that if Venus is in Karakamsha lagna and is aspected by Moon, he will become a dealer in medicines etc.

Anyone in the world with Moon and Venus in the same degrees as Atmakaraka and Amatyakaraka in the birth horoscope will also have them in navamsha and they all will become dealers in medicines. If you judge it from Karakamsha in lagna it may give a different meaning and lot of flexibility is available for interpretation.

It is why traditionally, north Indian astrologers put Karakamsha in the birth horoscope and judge the results. I would rate Professor P. The aspects, argalas, arudhas, raja yogas, ayur dasha, phalitha dasha etc. It is said that Krishna Mishra was astrologer in the court of great King Vikramaditya.

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This work of Krishna Mishra was said to be containing Slokas in 30 chapters. Only 23 chapters are available at present which has been translated by author with his notes. This book is mainly for the advance researches of Jaimini system. Only two chapters have been deal in this work with lucid translation but it also lack practical examples. The author have also given some footnotes in this book which explain the Jaimini techniques given in Vriddhakarikas. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Email Address.


In this small write-up i will discuss about some of the important books on Jaimini astrology. Jaimini Sutram by Professor P. All the other translators of Jaimini has deal with only 2 Chapters available in the manuscripts. This book by Professor P. Sastri is in English and contains example charts in South Indian format.

These charts have Rasi and Navamsha along with planetary longitudes. So if you are well versed with English and can read horoscope cast in South-Indian format then this could be a very good book for you to read on Jaimini astrology. Share this:.

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