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Qui-luvensis EplM. Oxtobn Magnetic. Faraday, at the last monthly meeting of the Royal Institution, announced to the members present bis discovery the subject of a paper sent in to the Royal Society that oxygen is magnetic, that this property of the gas is affected by heat, and that be believed the diurnal variation of the magnetic needle to be due to the action of solar heat on this newly discovered characteristic of oxygen—the important constituent of the atmosphere.

We do not mean to give the above as the terms of Faraday's announcement, or as the exact facts of the conclusion drawn from his laBt experimental researches, but only as a foreshadowing of the new result and views of one of our most eminent British philosophers. We must add, however, that Bequerel also has recently directed attention to a somewhat similar conclusion; he communicated to the Academy of Sciences at Paris, that oxygen is magnetic in relation to the other gases, as iron is to the rest of the metals, and inferred that it is probable or possible we have not the paper by us to refer to that the diurnal variation may be connected with this property of oxygen.

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Newspapers and Periodicals. Now in the United Kingdom there are newspapers. In the year ending January 5th, , 90,, newspaper stamps were issued in the kingdom, of which 76,, were in England alone. After full and careful examination, it is estimated that the aggregate yearly issue of newspapers, magazines, and reviews, from the City of New York alone, in the yeat , was 72,,, of which between nine and ten millions were periodicals. Local Superintendents of Schools are required by the 10th clause of the 31st section of the School Act, to transmit their Annual Reports for to the Chief Superintendent, "on or before the 1st day of March.

It is therefore important that those Reports should reach the Education Office with tho least possible delay, as very little time will remain to prepare tho Chief Superintendent's General Annual Report, to lay before the Legislature before it rises. The Session will probable be a short one.

We earnestly request that the Superintendents will add up each column of their Report before transmitting it to tho Educational Department. Progress or Frbe Schools. The resolution was passed at the annual school meeting of Union Section, No. Our acknowledgments aro due to Jambs W. Tub School Registers are not quite ready. The orders already sent in to the Education Office will b,o executed on the completion of the stitching and binding.

To th. A most valuable official document, for which we beg to thank the Officers of the Smithsonian Institution. Monthly meteorological returns have been made to the Institution by various gentlemen in each of the American States, as well as from Her Majesty's Magnetical Observatories in Canada, Nova-Scotia, and Newfoundland. From the explanatory synopsis given by the Secretary of the "memoirs" of tie forthcoming second volume of " Smithsonian Contributions," we anticipate a deeply interesting and valuable work. To the Hon.

Now-York, Wo beg to thank Mr. Mckeen for his Annual Report, from which we hope to select for our noxt number, some valuable and interesting facts and statistics relating to the progress of popular education and free schools in the City and County of New-York. Cure Journal,.

Masonic Astronomy and the Royal Arch of the Heavens

And Herald of Reforms. New-York: Fowler and Wells. A very interesting looking publication. Upon its professional merits we can express no opinion, but it appears to be a valuable and spirited periodical. Several of the more important articles and reviews are illustrated with neatly engraved wood cuts. Methodist Quarterly Review.

Mclintock, D. Published by Lane and , Scott, New-York. January, Tho literary papers in this number of the Quarterly are most interesting and valuable. The "Literary Notices" and "Intelligence," tec, evince 1 much industry and ability on the part of the Editor. Kuhner's Latin Grammar ;.

With Exercises, Latin Reader, and Vocabularies.

Translated and Remodelled by Professor J. Champlin, of Waterville College. This work seems to have been remodelled with great care. The arrangement and division of subjects are very good. The Grammar may be regarded as a production of Professor Champlin rather than of Kuhner, as it embodies Prof.

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It will prove an admirable assistant to a student of tho grand and stately language of Cicero and Virgil. A liberal Salary will h given. Macules, Trustees. Apply to Wm. Hepburn; Secretary, School Trustees,Chippewa. Writing, Arithmetic, Bookeeping, Grammar, and the outlines ol Geography. Apply to Jas. Taylor, Wm.

None with less than 2nd class certificates need apply. Address the Trustees, Bayfield, Post Office. Toronto : Printed and published by Thomis Booh Biwtlct. Trkks : For a single copy, 5s. Back Vols, neatly stitched supplied on the aaine terms. All subscriptions to commence with the January number, and payment in advance must in all cases accompany the order. Single numbers, 74d.


X3T All communications to be addressed to Mr. Oioaoa Hosanra,. Division of Time among various Nations—Mystical Numbers. Scliool Architecture, Four IUuatratioiu, 2'. The Belter Land. The Child's Laugh. The Image of the Dead. Time's Changes. Appeal to Teachers.


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First Half of the Nineteenth Century. History of Algebra. Poetry of the Steam Engine. Progress of Free Schools in Upper Canada.

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Ditto in England. Opinion of the Judges upon Separate Schools. Education in New York and Upper Canada in , compared. Education in New South Wales.