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Sagittarius Urdu Horoscope برج قوس Today Sagittarius Burj Qos Horoscope in Horoscope: What kind of a relationship do Libra Woman and Sagittarius Man.
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Try to find a balance; the first three weeks will go easier with your loved ones if you manage a steady pace. Singles may not meet their dream date but will have an awful lot of fun anyway. If you have a partner, go out of your way to be generous and loving.

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In early March , look for them to return the favor. If spring finds you looking for love, steer yourself toward kind people who are free of heavy entanglements, or you may be caught up in an unhappy situation in early May Family obligations bring more than their usual joys and annoyances between May 18th and June 22nd. August should be plenty of pleasure and excitement.

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By the third week of September, your sense of humor collects admirers and renews old friendships; your lover falls for your charms all over again. At the end of October, singles may hear from an old flame hoping to get things started in a new direction. Whatever you decide, the end of the month brings peace and goodwill to all, which continues straight up through the end of the year. As your business year begins, you encounter limits. Dependable allies suddenly make other arrangements between January 3rd and 6th.

By the 21st, you know where to turn for new funding or support.

The Sagittarius Man

You can sell anything to anyone; indeed, you corner the market for most of February. But after the 20th, projected revenues diverge from the bottom line. Follow the actual money, and by the second week of March everything will be clear. Your pitch is more on target than ever. Your catch improves, too. After March 24th you can read the subtext of the agenda of administrators and competitors. Reveal only what you must between April 6th and 30th. The truth cuts both ways, especially with the lowballing and downsizing that might begin on the 19th.

Because there is nothing more magical than aquarius woman and sagitarius man:!!!! I am a Aquarius woman that was married to Sagittarius man for over 11 years. When we met his was very soft spoken, and carry himself like a gentlemen.

He was romantic, often singing songs to me. I enjoy his company but not as much as he enjoy being with me. He purpose to me several times before I finally would agree to marry him.

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At the time we share so much in common, I have always seemed them different than most people, but he also saw the world and universe different. His ideas lean more to the past of the great Greece gods, and my interest lay more in the future, what if. We both were still in the military at this time, but he still wanted to be treated special and for me to behave in a way acknowledging him as the man in charge.

When we met, I have several close friend and many other friends, we would take turn having cook out at each other home, until I introduce the my Sagittarius man to my friends. Whenever I disagree with him who was often, he would attack me with any words that came into his thoughts, name calling, putting me on a lower level than he was. As an Aquarius woman I struck back, and I tried to hit him harder and deeper with my words.

The evil twin became stronger each day, until the man I have known and love was no longer that man.

The Evil Twin of the Sagittarius became a drug addict and very abusive toward me. I became a prisoner in my own home, he went everywhere with me, to include my doctor appointment. I was retired and going to school full time to become a teacher, history major, and he worked for an construction company, but still insist that I meet him at the door with a kiss and dinner compare for him.

I told him to leave, but I made sure there were people there to assist me. He move back to MI met a Libra woman and 3 months later she was carrying his child, they now have one son about 9 months old and another one on the way. Of course a divorce was file, and will be finally next month. It has been a hard two years for me since our departure, because he left me with the home mortgage and all unpaid debts. I had a hard time at first, but my life have never been better, I finally got my home mortgage lower, and have been getting repairs made around my home.

This Sagittarius man has a very evil twin and I would hate to think that she and her children may be subject to abusive behavior from same Sagittarius man that tried to control, mold, and keep me on lock down.

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I was hesitant at first because I have never been with any man before. So with being that way, I put up a wall to protect myself. The more I chat and talk to him, those walls slowly broke down. I was scared to let my heart open up since it is the internet. The more I spend more hours chatting with him, my heart and mind had finally made their decision… that I liked him back.

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We always have each other on our minds. That was the time when she acted like she was crazy she maked my life unlivable without any reason i tried everything to keep her with me but nothing was working out. She came back gave birth to a beautiful healthy child. I financially supported her and my child until four years.

Now I am financially supporting my child and i am waiting for the judge decision. Hoping to get my child. Aquarius, Sagittarius is not compatible with you. One Sad Sagittarius who loses everything for the love of Aquarius. I am an Aquarius girl, who has feel for a Sag man and I have made him mad at me. We have talked almost every nite for 2 months and last week, I told him how I cared for him, I did not say I loved him, just that I cared, then he starts telling me how it may be awhile before we see each other and is that ok and am I seeing other men…so on…this threw me for a loop!

I got upset, started crying and ended up hanging up on him…I sent him a msg a couple of days later, apologizing for becoming upset and it has been dead silence for over a week now. Should I try and reach out again? Or will that only drive him further away?

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No, I have not been sexually active with him, but it was certainly headed that way! I need advice, maybe from a Sag. Laura yes so right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Omg…This article is the only article that seems to be the most accurate. He is very emotional, and wants to know a lot about me. I am very stubborn, and easily Hot tempered too. We do have a lot of disagreements, and we make up super fast, and the make up sex is awesome!!!

We have three beautiful children together including a set of twin boys, and a beautiful little girl that I always wanted. I have a older three year old son with the previous Capricorn, and he loves him, as if he was his son.

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  5. I am jealous also, and I try to hide it, but he sees It now. We can both get into some pretty heated debates because we are both quite outspoken and have an opinion but we make up just as fast as we fell out! The love compatability between these starsigns are perfect. We have loads in common and laugh at all the same things!! Happiness and contentment with life is needed here.

    Just like resultant of darkness plus darkness is only darkness. But when Light is added to Light, there is even more Light. All you need to do is take care of your health and especially emotional health. Also Love can only exist in presence of Knowledge. Spend more and more time learning about Love and know that its not what they show in movies and tv.